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Social media followings are not built overnight. To create an engaged following of real fans takes a significant amount of time and strategy. There’s a start point but no end point.  Your brand, if it is to thrive now and in the future, requires a consistent presence to stay in the hearts and minds of its followers.  We are never “finished” engaging with former, current and potential consumers.


Building a community is one reason why social media management is so important for brands of all types and sizes, including daily monitoring, audience grouping,  and quality content creation for pulling in consumers from around the social world.


Through discovery, research, strategy planning, and the development of key performance indicators (KPIs), it is possible to manage and grow a community across all major social channels regardless of the industry.

The SIX Steps


Building a social community can drive purchase behavior, consumer loyalty and retention by creating value. Focusing on six core areas can achieve this:


1. Relationships — Whether between the brand and the buyer, buyer to buyer, or even business to business, relationships fuel social communities by making them active and by keeping them growing. Relationship building is a long term activity and a large investment into your brand.


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